A rational approach to fix puffy under eyes after filler injections

One of the most elegant and frequent procedures I offer in my NYC office is under eye filler, also known as the cannula eye lift to smooth out puffy under eyes and dark circles.

When it’s done correctly and in the right candidate, the results look like magic.  Eye bags disappear within minutes:

cannula eye lift

Halfway through a nicely done under eye filler treatment with Restylane

When under eye fillers look puffy

Another frequent activity in my practice as an NYC oculoplastic surgeon is fixing problems with under eye fillers that were done in other offices.  Sometimes people travel across the country for me to help them with under-eye filler issues.

The fix is sometimes an injection to dissolve filler (if the filler is dissolvable).  Sometimes it involves surgery to remove unwanted permanent filler.  Or sometimes a creative approach is required.

There are several reasons why puffiness can happen after under-eye fillers and I list the most common causes below.