Episode #6: Eliminating eye bags without surgery- The Cannula Eye Lift with Dr. Catherine Hwang

dr. brett kotlus cannula eye lift

In this episode, Catherine Hwang, M.D., Los Angeles trained cosmetic oculofacial surgeon extraordinaire and I discuss the cannula eye lift, also know as cannula under-eye filler and how it completely changed the way we remove eye bags without surgery.  We met up at the 2016 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting to record this podcast episode.

Dr. Hwang had been doing the cannula eye lift in Los Angeles, just as I’ve done in NYC for the last few years.  She was approached by Extra TV for a segment featuring her take on this procedure that we both feel is safer and offers less downtime than traditional under-eye needle filler injections.  We also both favor off-label Restylane as the best under-eye filler at the time of this podcast.

In our conversation we cover the following:

  • Why the cannula eye lift may be safer than needle injections under the eyes
  • How to decide if filler or surgery is best for under-eye bags
  • A comparison of pain and downtime after cannula injections versus needle injections

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See me perform a live cannula eye lift treatment: