The problem

A noticeable difference is seen between upper and/or lower eyelids when comparing the left and right sides. The asymmetry may be in the eyelid shape, the amount of eyelid exposed, the amount of skin folding, the degree of bulging fat, hollowing, etc..

Causes of eyelid asymmetry

Facial asymmetries are very common and in fact absolute symmetry is rarely seen.

There are as many causes of eyelid asymmetry as there are overall eyelid concerns. A common cause of eyelid asymmetry is eyebrow asymmetry. When one eyebrow is higher, the eyelid below will have less skin folding with a more visible eyelid shelf. Other causes can be related to environmental influences (e.g. the left side of the face may age more due to sun exposure during driving, those who sleep more on one side may have more creases on the same side of their face).

A droopy eyelid (blepharoptosis) or eyelid retraction related to thyroid eye disease are other common causes of eyelid asymmetry.

Often seen with

Normal anatomic variant, eyebrow asymmetry, droopy eyelids (eyelid ptosis), thyroid eye disease.

Asymmetric eyelids

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