What are crow’s feet

Wrinkles radiate from the outer corner of the eyes, either when smiling or simply at rest.

Causes of crow’s feet

Smiling and facial expressions cause movement of the skin as the muscles of the face contract and relax. The main muscle of expression around the eyelids is the orbicularis oculus muscle. It is a circular muscle, encircling the upper and lower eyelids. As the orbicularis muscle contracts with facial expression, lines are created at folding points of the skin in a radial orientation. These lines are sometimes called crow’s feet. Sun exposure, smoke, and other environmental influences can cause further progression of these wrinkles.

Often seen with

Frown lines between the eyebrows, sun damage, facial wrinkles, loose upper and/or lower eyelid skin.

What you see in the mirror

Creases extending outward from the outer corner of the eyelids. These are more noticeable when you smile.

“crow’s feet” wrinkles

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