The problem

Fat pouches are visible on the upper eyelid. This is most commonly seen in the inner corner of the upper lid.

Causes of bulging upper eyelid fat

It can develop with age or it may be a hereditary feature, seen at any age. It may be related to an extra amount of fat, but often there is a normal amount of fat that bulges forward or prolapses. The pouch is an extension of the orbital fat that surrounds the eye. It can become more pronounced after episodes of swelling, as in allergy or inflammatory conditions, including Graves’ Disease. Loss of fat or thinning of tissue in surrounding areas may accentuate a prominent fat pouch.

Often seen with

Sagging upper eyelid skin and lower eyelid fat pouches.

Not to be confused with

A fallen or prolapsed lacrimal gland (a structure that produces tears) which is seen as a bulge at the outer edge of the upper eyelid. If the lacrimal gland were mistaken for bulging fat, its removal during surgery could lead to problems related to dry eyes.

What you see in the mirror

A bulge or discontinuity at the inner corner of the upper eyelid. You may feel that you have a puffy upper eyelid.

Bulging upper eyelid fat (steatoblepharon)

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