What is chemosis

Swelling (edema) forms in the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane coating of eye (conjunctiva is not present on the cornea). It can cause irritation, a foreign body sensation, and in severe cases the eyelids may not be able to close fully, leading to more ocular surface dryness and irritation. Severe conjunctival swelling may push the eyelid downward and away from the surface of the eye.

What causes chemosis

An accumulation of conjunctival fluid or chemosis is frequently seen after surgery or injury to the eyelids or eye. It can also be caused by excessive eyelid rubbing, allergy, infections, irritation from medications or drops, or by systemic diseases that cause edema.

Often seen with

If after surgery or trauma, chemosis is often accompanied by bruising, skin swelling, and sometimes subconjunctival hemorrhage (red blood under the conjunctiva). It may also be accompanied by eye irritation and dryness.

What you see in the mirror

A gelatinous swelling over the white part of the eye. It may occur in an isolated area, only on the lower part of the eye, or over the entire eye surface.

Chemosis or conjunctival swelling

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