How can redefining your cheeks

restore your youthfulness?

How to give your cheeks a lift

As you age, you lose fat cells in your cheeks and temples.  This makes your face look older and more deflated, and contributes to aging hallmarks such as sagging skin, hollowing, and under-eye shadows.  Re-filling the cheeks brings youthfulness back to your face.

Dr. Kotlus listens to your concerns and evaluates your facial structure when you meet with him for a consultation in one of his NY offices.

Volume and definition are restored to the cheeks using injectable fillers (Restylane Lyft, Juvéderm Voluma, Sculptra, Radiesse) or your own fat (facial fat injections). Your new cheek shape and size is determined based on the way you used to look (from old photographs or your personal recollection) and the current structure of your face. Some people require more fullness in the high cheek, along the cheekbone while other may need volume enhancement in the lower cheek (submalar region). Your cheek enhancement procedure is tailored to your goals and facial configuration while maintaining natural-looking proportions.

Before and after cheek enhancement