What It Treats

One or more of the following conditions may be treated at the same time with a lower blepharoplasty: bulging fat under the eyes (lower steatoblepharon), loose or sagging lower eyelid skin (lower dermatochalasis), sagging lower eyelid muscle, lower eyelid hollowing, lower eyelid wrinkles and sun damage.

Because of the wide range of causes that contribute to lower eyelid aging, lower blepharoplasty is one of the most intricate and complex cosmetic surgical procedures.

How a lower eyelid lift is done

Numerous techniques exist for cosmetic lower blepharoplasty. Often, a combination of techniques are employed to address the combination of issues that are present. A customized plan including one or more of the following options can be used to achieve a satisfactory result. Your specific plan is determined during a consultation with an experienced cosmetic eyelid surgeon. More than one approach or combination of approaches can lead to an excellent result.

ConcernsTreatment Plan
Eye bagsLower eyelid fat redraping
Under-eye hollowingSOOF lift or fat transfer
Loose or excess lower eyelid skinSkin pinch with canthopexy or canthoplasty
Sun damaged, wrinkled lower eyelid skinLower eyelid resurfacing
Poorly supported or lax lower eyelidOrbiculais muscle suspension, canthopexy, or canthoplasty

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Lower eyelid lift with fat repositioning

Dr. brett kotlus cosmetic oculoplastic lower eyelid lift

Lower eyelid lift with fat repositioning

dr. brett kotlus under eye laser

Lower eyelid lift with fat repositioning, fat injection, and laser skin resurfacing

Dr. brett kotlus cosmetic oculoplastic fat grafting eyes

Potential Complications

Bleeding, infection, unsightly or thickened scars, pulling down of the lower eyelid (ectropion) or eyelid retraction, dry eyes, difficulty closing the eyelids (lagophthalmos), asymmetry, incomplete improvement, prolonged swelling, contour irregularities.