What are glabellar furrows?

Wrinkles or creases are visible between the eyebrows and at the top of the nose. Often, vertical lines are seen in the space between the eyebrow hair, and one side may be deeper or more prominent. There may also be horizontal lines at the the top of the nose. These creases may be visible at rest, or they may only appear during frowning.

What causes these frown lines?

The depressor muscles of the medial or inner eyebrows are responsible for these wrinkles. The vertical creases are caused by the corrugator supercilii muscle that is oriented obliquely from the bone at the root of the nose to the skin just above the inner aspect of the eyebrow hair. It pulls the skin downward and inward, creating a vertical crease. Over time, these creases can deepen. The horizontal lines at the root of the nose are mostly caused by the downward pull of the procerus muscle (and slightly by the smaller depressor supercilii muscle). The strength, size, and orientation of these muscles as well as enviromental influences (sun, smoke, etc.) and skin characteristics will affect the depth and visibility of these frown lines.

Often seen with

Horizontal forehead wrinkles, sun damage, loose upper eyelid skin (dermatochalasis), sagging eyebrows.

What you see in the mirror

Creases or wrinkles, between the eyebrows. They may be horizontal, vertical, or both. They may impart a frowny, scowling, or angry appearance.

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