Why is the brow arch too high?

The center part of the forehead muscle (frontalis muscle) that raises the eyebrows has been weakened with botulinum toxin, while the outer edges of forehead muscle has maintained its strength.  So, the center of the eyebrows look heavy while the outer parts are over-raised.  Read an in-depth discussion of this issue here.

How is an over-arched brow treated?

The “spock brow” can usually be avoided with proper placement of botulinum toxin.

If it occurs, it can often be fixed by adding a small amount of additional botulinum treatment to the frontalis muscle just above the highest point of the brow arch.  This will lower the eyebrow arch and reduce the upward pull of the forehead muscle in this area.


The high arch may be under-corrected or over-corrected.

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Before and after Botox with a desirable brow arch

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