Under-Eye Filler NYC

Under-Eye Filler in NYC by Dr. Kotlus

Learn how the cannula eye lift can brighten your eyes
(without surgery!)

No matter how hard we fight it, most of us will see ever-deepening eye bags and darkening under-eye circles staring back at us in the mirror as we age.

In fact, some of us see hereditary eye bags when we are young.

It’s a natural process… but these “natural” features make us look tired and older, and many people want to find a way to reverse their effects.

When expensive eye cream and concealer don’t cut it anymore, it may be time to consider something else—an effective, safe, and long-lasting solution like under-eye fillers.

An under-eye tear trough filler procedure performed with a cannula is one of the best ways to minimize the appearance of mild eye bags and dark circles without surgery.

Products like Restylane Eyelight are designed (and FDA-cleared) for under-eye dark circles correction and Dr. Kotlus uses the most appropriate filler for each situation.

Dr. Kotlus performs the Under-Eye Filler procedure in NYC office on daily basis and because he is an oculoplastic specialist he can suggest if it will work for you or if there are other more effective options in your situation (like creams or surgery).

Before and after Cannula Eye Lift (under eye filler) treatment by Dr. Kotlus in NYC

If you’d love to have 5-10 years taken off your face, this incredible treatment is an alternative to eyelid surgery.

The cannula under-eye filler procedure can be done in less than 20 minutes— and then you can be right back out to go on with the rest of your day.

Dr. Kotlus is  New York’s most prominent expert in cannula filling of the under-eye tear trough area. Here’s what you should know about this popular treatment option—and more on what Dr. Kotlus can do for you in his NYC office.

Because Dr. Kotlus is a fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon, certified by ASOPRS (the only oculoplastic certifying body in the U.S.), he can provide unbiased advice if filler or surgery is your best option.

Click on the questions below for cannula eye lift answers:

The under-eye tear trough filler procedure performed with a cannula is effective and safe for a vast number of patients.

However, like most treatments, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether or not it will work for you all comes down to your anatomy and the cause of your eye bags.

In general, patients whose eye bags are caused by:

  • facial fat loss and hollowing of the under-eye area,
  • mild bulging lower eyelid fat pads,
  • or facial shadowing around the eye area…
    …are most likely to have good results with under-eye fillers.

Eye bags caused by thin eyelid skin or increased pigmentation around the eyes are typically better served by another treatment.

Larger eye bags are best treated with surgery options, fillers are best for hollows.

Dr. Kotlus will examine your facial shape and help you determine the cause of your eye bags during your consultation appointment. Then, he’ll recommend whether or not under-eye fillers are a good option for you.

Take a look:

Some patients will have great results with 50% improvement, while others will have totally transformative results of nearly 100% improvement. In people with more significant bags or bags that are a result of multiple causes, Dr. Kotlus may suggest surgical options instead.

Rest assured—Dr. Kotlus will estimate ahead of time what type of results you can realistically expect. And if he doesn’t believe fillers will benefit you, he won’t perform the procedure and will work with you to find a more effective treatment for your needs.

Concerned about experiencing complications from an under-eye tear trough filler treatment? Here are a few simple steps you and your doctor can take to minimize your risk:

  1. Choose the Right Doctor
    You wouldn’t want an “adequate” doctor to operate on your knee—so why treat your face any differently? The #1 way you can avoid complications is to choose an expert oculoplastic surgeon who is also trained and experienced in cosmetic surgery. Choose someone like Dr. Kotlus who has performed this procedure many, many times.
  2. Select the Best Filler
    An experienced oculoplastic surgeon like Dr. Kotlus will also make sure you choose the best filler for your under-eye area. In fact, Dr. Kotlus regularly performs surgeries or dissolving injections in which he reverses problematic  fillers (permanent or temporary) that were placed by other providers.

    For this reason, Dr. Kotlus recommends hyaluronic fillers to most of his patients. Under-eye fillers made from a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel (such as Restylane) are soft, easy to work with, and—most notably—reversible .

    Of course, most patients love their results and enjoy their hyaluronic fillers for up to a year or longer before needing a touch-up.

  3. Opt for a Cannula Under-Eye Filler Procedure
    When performed by an expert, under-eye fillers administered by cannula are  arguably safer than procedures performed with a traditional needle. This is because the tip of the cannula is blunt, which makes it significantly less likely to injure or inject into a blood vessel.

    If your doctor is using a needle and accidentally enters a blood vessel, he or she can inject filler into your circulatory system. This is the cause of visual complications resulting from the under-eye filler procedure, and it should be avoided whenever possible.

    Dr. Kotlus specializes in the use of cannulas to perform under-eye filler treatments—and he has never had a patient who experienced visual complications.
    Keep in mind that not all cannulas are the same. A cannula that is too thin can cause more bruising—and because it is more flexible, it can also reduce the doctor’s precision. Dr. Kotlus chooses different cannulas for each procedure based on the patient’s unique situation.

  4. Ensure Fillers are Placed Precisely
    If your doctor uses a thick filler and places it in too shallow of a position, you will see lumps under the skin. Similarly, using the wrong type of filler can be more apt to cause prolonged swelling and discoloration.

    These complications are generally avoidable when your doctor chooses the best filler for you and takes care to place it precisely. Dr. Kotlus aims to select fillers that are suited specifically to your anatomic needs. He sometimes even modifies the consistency of a patient’s fillers before the procedure in order to ensure a smooth, problem-free treatment.

Cannula under-eye fillers for eye bags are a quick procedure. The treatment is typically completed in about 15-20 minutes.

To see how the procedure is performed and what you can expect, check out the video below:

After the procedure is completed, you will likely experience either minimal downtime  or up to a several days of swelling. Rarely, some patients may experience a week or two of swelling.

Many people are able to have the procedure done and then go right back to work. With cannula procedures, bruising is rare and occurs in perhaps less than 5% of cases.

There’s no shortage of places to go for under-eye fillers in New York City—but Dr. Kotlus is the best choice for two key reasons:

  1. He has extensive specialized experience and is New York’s foremost expert in cannula under-eye fillers.
    Dr. Kotlus regularly performs both cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery, which means that he has a comprehensive understanding of your eyelid’s total anatomy—from the inside and outside.

    Your eyelids and surrounding eye area are a complex and delicate system with many components and moving parts. As such, they should always be treated with the utmost care.

    Doctors who only do cosmetic treatments (and who don’t also perform blepharoplasties and reconstructive eyelid surgeries) generally don’t have the type of detailed, intimate knowledge of the eyelids and eye area that cosmetic oculoplastic surgeons like Dr. Kotlus does.

    In fact, Dr. Kotlus performs several procedures each week in which he corrects under-eye fillers performed by other people. In many of these cases, the patient’s issues could have been avoided in the first place.

    In other cases, the patient was pressured into a procedure that wasn’t right for them simply because they saw a doctor who only offered fillers and didn’t want to lose business by sending the patient away for surgery (or vice versa). Dr. Kotlus is experienced in surgical and non-surgical treatments, so he can always recommend the option that is best for the patient.

  2. He offers a unique, nuanced approach that you won’t find from other doctors.
    In addition to his extensive experience performing procedures, Dr. Kotlus has also studied oculoplastic treatments and techniques for many years. As a result, he has developed a unique, nuanced philosophy that informs his approach in treating and advising patients.

    For instance, Dr. Kotlus’s advocacy for hyaluronic fillers and cannulas (both of which are arguably safer and have fewer complications than permanent fillers and needle injections) enables his patients to have comfort and confidence in their care.

    Dr. Kotlus also prioritizes balance and restraint in all of his surgical and non- surgical treatments.

  3. To avoid these complications—and to keep patients from looking “done”—Dr. Kotlus takes a restrained approach. In many cases, he doesn’t aim for 100% effacement of the under-eye grooves and instead focuses on making sure that the patient’s fillers are unique, appropriate, and natural-looking for him or her.

    To hear what Dr. Kotlus’s patients have to say about their experiences, be sure to check out our reviews. Or to see their incredible results for yourself, take a look at our before and after photo gallery.