What can Botox (or Dysport, Xeomin, and Jueveau), the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world, do for your wrinkles, creases, and frown lines?

Meet with NYC Botox and Dysport expert

Dr. Brett Kotlus is a true expert and has performed thousands of cosmetic Botox and Dysport treatments, the single most effective way to reduce and eliminate “crow’s feet” frown lines between the eyebrows.

He delivers natural-looking results and 30% of his Botox/Dysport practice is the correction of unsatisfactory results from injections done elsewhere.  Reasons for corrections are droopy or heavy eyebrows after Botox, asymmetry, “spock brows’, or an unnatural appearance.  Having your treatment with an experienced provider that specializes and is non-surgical and surgical procedures around the eyes can help to ensure you get it right the first time.

Before and after Dysport and Botox photos by Dr. Kotlus in NYC

What Botox and Dysport can do for you:

Botox and Dysport (botulinum toxin type A) are purified proteins that work by relaxing muscles that cause expression lines and wrinkles.

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau are FDA-approved and work best for the vertical creases between the eyebrows (glabella) and wrinkles that radiate from the outer corner of the eyelids (crow’s feet).  The effect is a smoother, less tired, less angry appearance.  When administered by an expert, you’ll have a natural-looking, younger appearance.

These injections can also be used to reduce horizontal forehead wrinkles, lines around the lips, neck bands, enlarged jaw clenching muscles (face slimming), and downturned corners of the lips.

Botox cosmetic helps to eliminate wrinkles while it prevents new ones from forming.  For static wrinkles that are not caused by expressions, wrinkle fillers can be used at the same time.

An eyebrow lift without surgery

By reducing the strength of the muscles that pull the eyebrows downward, a “Botox brow lift” raises the height and the arch of the brows.

What does Botox treatment feel like?

The treatment is completed within minutes in the office with minimal discomfort.  Some feel no pain whatsoever while others describe the procedure as small pinches.

Once the procedure is done, it takes several days to take effect and full results are seen in approximately 1-3 weeks.

Does it matter who does my Botox treatment?

There is a difference between an expert injector and a novice.  The variability in muscle strength and location requires that your injector has a detailed understanding of your facial anatomy.  As a NYC expert in Botox and Dysport, Dr. Kotlus has specialized training in oculoplastic surgery and has performed thousands of neuromodulator injections.

Botox alternatives

Dysport, Xeomin, and Jueveau are other brand names for botulinum toxin A and they work in the same way as Botox.  Studies are currently underway for a Botox-like cream that is applied to the surface of the skin without needles but this is not currently available.

How long do the results last?

Results typically last from 3 to 6 months.

How much does Botox cost in NYC ?

Pricing varies between offices in New York City as some providers charge per area and others charge per unit of Botox or Dysport (a unit is a universal measurement of botulinum strength). Dr. Kotlus prefers to offer Botox and Dysport by unit pricing out of fairness to his clients because some people require fewer units than others to address a specific area.  A smaller treatment can cost $40 and a larger treatment can cost $850 or more.  It depends on the aims of the treatment and the strength of the facial muscles being targeted.  Dr. Kotlus forms a customized plan with his clients during consultations in his NYC office on the Upper East Side.

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