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Here’s the second episode of Younger.  In each episode I speak with experts in the fields of cosmetic surgery, anti-aging, longevity, and health and we talk about the most important advice they have for looking younger and living healthier and longer.

Episode #2: Illegal cosmetic fillers exposed and who lives the longest in Florida

dr. brett kotlus john martin filler

This installment features the ever-sharp and insightful John Martin M.D..   He’s a cosmetic oculoplastic surgeon who practices in Coral Gables, Florida.  He’s known for helping clients in South Florida look younger but he also has a reputation as an expert in fixing problems that occur after illegal filler treatments.

In our conversation we cover the following:

  • How do people end up with illegal fillers and how can you avoid this?
  • How can complications from illegal fillers be fixed?
  • Why we hear about disasters with silicone injections
  • Which group of people seem to live the longest in South Florida and what is their secret?
  • Dr. Martin’s number one tip for looking younger


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