Looking for a natural-looking facelift in NY ?

You’ve seen commercials on TV for rapid-recovery lifts, 1-hour lifestyle lifts, and magic non-surgical face lifts with clear adhesive tape.  But what if you want a facelift that is done right and will last for many years?  You usually need to steer clear of the quick fixes and seek a surgeon with experience, training, and an aesthetic that matches your goals.

When it’s done well, a facelift will not look obvious and it will give you back your appearance from years before instead of making you look like a frozen, over-tightened star from the New York Housewives or some other over-plasticized tabloid subject.

The keys to a natural look with cosmetic face surgery

In my video below, I emphasize 4 key points to having a facelift procedure that looks natural and turns back the clock 7-10 years.  There has been a trend in the past for facelifts in New York to look obvious, over-pulled, and sadly strange.

As fat injections have become more popular, tight pulling is less necessary because slight plumping is more natural-looking than excessively tight skin.  The combination of fat grafting and facelift surgery is also known as the 3d facelift or the volume-enhancing facelift.  Here are the keys to looking younger after facelift surgery without looking phony:

  • Not removing too much skin

    A facelift that takes out too much skin makes the cheeks look flat and drawn out.  This should be avoided.

  • Replacing lost volume

    The aging process takes fat away from our face.  A natural-looking rejuvenation replaces this fat to turn back the clock.

  • Keeping a balance

    If the eyes are severely aged and the neck is smooth, there is an obvious mismatch.  A natural facial rejuvenation takes every part of the face into account, which can mean eyelid lift or laser skin resurfacing at the same time.

  • Meticulous closure

    The way in which a facelift surgery is completed has a lot to do with the end result.  Closure methods with detailed alignment and fine stitches leads to the best chance for hidden incisions and a natural look.