Full, round cheeks set the framework of your face

If your cheeks were real estate they would be among the most expensive parts of your face. Your cheeks are the Park Avenue of your face.  They have a prime location in the center of all the action, next to your eyes, nose and mouth, and they are larger than their neighbors that tend to get most of the attention.

The fact is that many people who seek facial enhancement and rejuvenation tend to forget about the cheeks.

What makes a face look young?

One of the most important signs of a young face is a pair of cheeks that are round and full.  Look at your photo from 10 years ago and I’d bet you had plumper cheeks.

Round cheeks prevent the under-eyes from looking sunken and they help to support the lower face and prevent nasolabial folds (the creases along the sides of your nose that travel down toward the outer corners of your mouth).  A deflated cheek is often associated with wrinkles and old age.

How do you make your cheeks look younger?

nyc fat grafting cheeks

Before and after cheek fat grafting to restore fullness and roundness

In the above example you can see how adding volume to the right part of the cheek helps to make the entire face look more vibrant and youthful while eliminating wrinkles.  In this case, her own fat was used as a cheek filler, giving her long-lasting results.

How to get a cheek lift

Here in NY, there are many options for people seeking a cheek lift.  Fat grafting is a long-lasting, natural filler that uses your own cells to rejuvenate your cheeks.  The FDA has also approved several injectable fillers that have long-lasting results including Restylane Lyft (previously known as Perlane), Juvederm Voluma, and Sculptra.  All of these are safe options that can be done in the office within minutes and often with little recovery time.  Many of my patients go right back to work after having filler done in my Manhattan office during their lunch break.