Nose filler instead of rhinoplasty?

Is there something about your nose that you’d like to change but you don’t like the idea of surgery?  In some cases, filler is a great non-surgical solution.  Nose filler in NY is rather popular because it doesn’t require a long recovery and in many cases it can match the success of surgery.

A semi-solid injection is used to shape the nose and it can last for more than a year.  There are a few situations that lend themselves to the non-surgical rhinoplasty:

Filler can make your nose look narrower

Some noses that appear wide are actually lacking height along the top of the nose. When filler injections are performed along the top ridge of the nose, the added height creates the appearance of a narrower nose with more definition and highlights from light reflections. Nose fillers are quite popular in Asia for this very application.

asian nose filler nyc

Filler used to narrow and raise nose height