Different ways to have Asian double eyelid surgery

Asian double eyelid surgery has become more popular in the past 10 years as cosmetic surgery in general is becoming more accepted in Asia and the United States.  In Los Angeles and New York double eyelid surgery is even advertised at bus stops and shopping centers.

The primary goal of double eyelid surgery is to either create an upper eyelid crease or to define the crease.  In a previous blog post, I describe the non-surgical ways to get a double eyelid.  But if you want something long-lasting, surgery is your best option.  There are 2 main techniques used by cosmetic eyelid surgeons to achieve a well-defined double eyelid, the suture method and the incision method.

The suture method

Thin stitches are used to compress the eyelid skin and muscle to the deeper structures of the eyelid to form a crease.  This approach can be done without incisions or with small incisions.

Pros: The procedure is fast, since cutting is non-existent or minimal there is less visible scarring, and the recovery is easier.

Cons: There can be a higher failure rate because the suture method is less precise than the incision method.  There is a risk of asymmetry between the two eyes and the crease can fade over a period of years in some cases.

The incision method

A thin strip of skin is removed just above the desired crease location and stitches are used to deeply anchor the skin edges to form the crease.

Pros: The incision method is more precise and arguably longer-lasting.  It can also be combined with medial epicanthoplasty (removing the fold of skin at the inner corner of the eyelids).

Cons: It requires a slightly longer recovery time and there is a scar along the upper eyelid crease (although this tends to fade over time).

Choosing the suture or incision method for double eyelid surgery

I prefer the incision method for my NY cosmetic eyelid surgery practice patients because it is more permanent and it gives me better control over the crease and the upper eyelid fat when I’m sculpting the upper eyelid.

I do sometimes recommend the suture method, particularly if you already have an eyelid crease and you wish to deepen it. Good results can be achieved with either method.

Where to get Asian double eyelid surgery

Whether you are looking for a double eyelid surgery in NY or in Korea you should make sure you are going to a reputable doctor.  Even here in NYC, I have heard of non-medically trained practitioners in salons performing the double eyelid suture procedure with complications from unclean techniques and improper equipment.

The double eyelid surgeon should be a cosmetic eyelid surgery specialist, ideally an oculoplastic surgeon, a facial plastic surgeon, or a general plastic surgeon.

You can download my guide to double eyelid surgery guide by clicking here.