Is your face uneven? All about facial asymmetry:

If you feel that your face is uneven you’re not alone.  It’s more common to have an asymmetric face than a perfectly even one.

Facial asymmetry is when the shape, size, or position of a facial feature on the left side of your face differs from the right side.

What to do about facial asymmetry

Research has shown that symmetry is a desirable trait in general.  But some studies have demonstrated that symmetry can look strange and in some cases an asymmetric face is more attractive than one that is a perfect mirror image.

The celebrity images on this page allow you to slide between left and right mirror images so you can judge for yourself.  This is good news because most asymmetries are not aesthetically significant and often do not require changing to achieve the most attractive version of yourself.

In the video below, I explain how facial asymmetry is the rule rather than the exception and I demonstrate how these differences can be measured.