Under eye bag removal with the cannula eye lift

Bags under the eyes are often caused by hollowing and missing fat. The areas that are left scooped out by fat shrinkage with age can make the puffy, fatty bags under your eyes look even worse.

There has never been a better time to treat eye bags due to new technology including the under-eye cannula filling technique.  I wrote about the under eye cannula filling in a previous post, here.  Cannulas are blunt-tipped tubes that replace needles when filling the delicate under-eye area.

Here is an actual patient of mine, immediately after having the cannula eye lift under only one eye- so she is halfway through the treatment.

Can you guess which eye had the eye bag filler treatment?

dr. brett kotlus cannula eye bags

I took this photo to show my patient how natural but dramatic the improvement was after adding a small amount of volume under the eye bag to give back a youthful, less tired look.

If you guessed the filler was done on her left eye (right side of the photo), you were right.

The under-eye filling procedure takes minutes and I perform this on a daily basis in my offices in NYC, Long Island, and Westchester.  Bruising is rare and my patients often return to work and social activities on the same day.

Is under-eye filler with the cannula eye lift better than surgery?

I discussed this topic in a previous post, here.  In general, fillers will last about a year and surgery lasts significantly longer.  Some people have characteristics that lead me to suggest one over the other, and in consultation in my NY office I review the pros and cons in person.