The problem

Unwanted visibility of blood vessels through upper or lower eyelid skin is present.  These vessels, usually veins, appear as blue or purple discoloration in a line or cord.  They may have some degree of bulging.


Normal veins reside under the skin throughout the body.  They may be more visible in areas with thin skin, such as the upper or lower eyelids. Skin of light color will transmit outlines and colors of underlying structures more readily.

Veins may become more prominent or enlarged in states of inflammation, infection, or in situations that impede blood outflow.

Often seen with

Thin skin and light skin color.

Not to be confused with

Excess skin pigment, eyelid shadowing, lower eyelid hollowing.

What you see in the mirror

A blue or purple line is seen through the skin.  The line may have branches or twists.

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Prominent lower eyelid vein