What causes eye bags?

We hate eye bags because they make us look older and more tired than we really are.  And we tend to blame them on genetics, allergies, sinus problems. lack of sleep, and dehydration.  The truth is, they can be caused by a few of these things at the same time.  But there is a commonality that causes eye bags.  There is almost always bulging lower eyelid fat and lack of fat or hollowing of the upper cheek. The combination of the two causes a “bag”.

Does the cause of eye bags matter?

Yes, if you wish to correct them. There isn’t a single treatment that eliminates all sorts of bags.  The treatments that work do so by targeting the root cause(s).

Dr. Brett Kotlus, is an NYC expert eyelid plastic surgeon, also known as oculoplastic surgeon, and in consultation, he can help you determine why you have eye bags and how to eliminate or reduce them.  It matters that your doctor offers both non-surgical (fillers, lasers, topical creams) and surgical treatment options (blepharoplasty surgery, fat grafting, canthoplasty).  If you see a provider that only offers one of these choices, that bias can influence their recommendation.

How do I find out what is causing my eye bags and how do I get rid of them?

The infographic below describes each issue that causes eye bags. Treatments can be surgical or non-surgical and either can be quite effective.  Lower blepharoplasty, filler injections, laser resurfacing, and topical creams are among the options.  A consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon that specializes in cosmetic procedures can help identify the causes of your eye bags and explain your options for correction.